I'm interested in epistemology in general, and in particular the foundations and philosophy of mathematics. My major interests at the moment are Wittgenstein, Pragmatism (e.g. William James) and quasi-empiricism as a philosophy of mathematics (e.g. Imre Lakatos). You can read the notes for a seminar I started writing on this subject here, and an unfinished essay here.

I might write up a short, pithy explanation of my views on all of these things at some point, but for the time being I only have a long and rather difficult (not to mention unfinished) essay. The title is 'Epistemology without Truth' because I believe it is possible to have a sensible epistemological theory free from the notion of truth, which I find to be incoherent, but which doesn't fall into the standard errors of overly relativistic thinking.

You can read the full list of philosophy essays here.