As part of my thesis, I wrote some software to draw pictures of the Maskit slice. If you only want to produce pictures of the Maskit slice, you should use the graphical version of this software. The Mathematica notebooks from my thesis can be downloaded here (zipped folder, 40k). Some of these notebooks will work on their own (including all of the algorithms chapter notebook), but some of them require datasets produced by the C++ software. These files are approximately 120MB and too large to include on this webpage, but you can generate them yourself with the C++ software. You can download the C++ source code only distribution here (37k), or with Windows executable files here (161k). I have tested the source code on MS Visual C++ and gcc/Linux. This version of the software only includes the command line version of the software. You can download the graphical version of this software, but compiling this version from the source code is quite complicated. Email me if you want to try this.

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